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I couldn't have been happier with Elite Dog Training, specifically Rich Ehrenberg.  In addition to our 5 year old golden doodle, we brought home a new puppy and wanted to train him quickly to ease the transition.  Rich is extremely patient yet incredibly efficient.  Our new puppy learned very quickly how to heel, sit, down, stay, come, and together we got him to stop nipping, growling.  Rich also coached me on how to break the puppy of middle of the night habits which needless to say has made a world of difference.  Overall our puppy has become a very obedient and polite member of our family.  Since our new puppy was so receptive to Rich we decided to have him work out some bad habits our older dog picked up.  I was worried my older dog would be more stubborn but he also took to Rich and his training quickly.  The best part about Rich's training is how patient he was with training me!  More than the dogs I needed to learn the proper techniques to ensure consistency and get the results I expected from thed dogs.  Sadly, I think it took Rich longer to train me than the dogs (not a reflection on Rich, more a reflection on me).  I now have 2 very well behaved dogs that are a pleasure to walk and who listen.  Maybe Rich can work on my kids next!  Rich is extremely professional, patient, calm and truly very loving and positive with the dogs as well.  With all of his experience training dogs for years, Rich is truly a pro and I would recommend him to anyone I know.


Laura Hara

What I once thought were near perfect dogs actually had a lot of room for improvement. Rich's technique and guidance took their behavior to a new level. Convenient, in home, brief training sessions and some homework produced great results. 


Lindsay M. Malitz

We highly recommend Rich Ehrenberg at Elite Dog Training.  We recently brought home a 10 month old Wheaton Terrier.  He was sweet and playful and immediately became part of our family. 
Other than normal puppy behavior, there was one problem.  Every once and a while, he would growl at our granddaughters, which made us consider returning him to the breeder.  
Enter Rich, who was recommended  by our Vet.  Within two weeks, not only did he have that problem solved, he made him stop jumping and be more obedient when outside and at home.
We know Rich is there whenever we need him for a "refresher," which is a very secure feeling.  He is truly amazing at what he does.


Nettie and Richard Isenberg


We immediately felt at ease with Rich, in spite of our high anxiety over having a new puppy. He made himself available to us to answer any of our (sometimes ridiculous) questions. Rich not only demonstrated his training, he empowered us to implement it on our own.  After just two weeks, Rich used his magic and helped us turn our little biting, growling machine into a potty trained and well mannered puppy.  Our four and six year old daughters can now play freely in the house, without guarding their toys or their feet from our dog's teeth. While using positive reinforcement and without treats, Rich helped us establish a feeding, walking and sleeping schedule that worked with our family's needs. While Maize has become an adored member of our family, we can confidently say the humans are at the top of the family hierarchy. We HIGHLY recommend Rich!!!! 


Jennifer Evans


Rich has transformed our 1 year old Golden Retriever puppy, Sarah! After our family adopted her in April, 2011, it became clear to us that Sarah was controlling our family instead of the other way around. Even fetch was a game where we threw the ball, and we retrieved it for her! She also tried to eat items around the house, some harmless and some potentially harmful to her, but absolutely refused to give it up. We would scramble for treats to trade with her, but it became a game to her and each time she had us scrambling to find a higher value treat to get her to "drop it." She was a sweet puppy who loved attention, but we needed help. One afternoon, my son and I observed a dog outside Starbucks, and we commented to the owner what a well-trained, well-mannered Goldendoodle he had. He referred us to Rich. First, Rich established a relationship with Sarah and, then over a period of weeks, he methodically and consistently worked with Sarah in our home, where he could observe her behavior, correct her, and teach her to be cooperative and respond to our commands. Best of all, he did it without treats or bribery (which was the basis for all the puppy classes we took and why they failed as a long-term solution). And, Sarah loves Rich! She would run out to greet him when she heard his van pull up the driveway. He was realistic about what he could teach Sarah within what time frame. Moreover, he showed us how to follow through with Sarah's obedience training on our own. Now, Sarah is listening to our commands, walking outside on a leash right beside us, "dropping it," coming when called, playing fetch like a dream, and even exercising on the treadmill now that it is getting cold outside. Rich has also been great about answering my questions after hours by phone, responding almost immediately, even about something minor. I highly recommend Elite Dog Training to anyone who has a dog. Rich's training has made a huge difference in our lives and has brought out the best in Sarah.


Apparently I had a lot to say, and that was the condensed version!!


Talk to you soon, Take care, Marci


Rich Ehrenberg is a wonderful dog trainer and a wonderful man. We were referred to him by our vets who have known him and his work throughout his career. He is kind, positive, sensitive and consistent with the dogs he works with and honest, thoughtful, courteous and reliable with their humans. He worked with our Goldendoodle, Henry, for his entire brief life and Henry absolutely adored him. Whenever Rich came to the house Henry was beside himself with joy. Rich helped make Henry an incredibly obedient and happy puppy and dog. When Henry got cancer Rich was deeply saddened and empathic. He helped us make decisions about how to deal with Henry's illness and to plan for a future without him. He was kind, knowledgeable and right about everything. Now we have Tess, an English Cream Goldendoodle puppy and Rich has been training her since she was 11 weeks old. She's now 7 and a half months and the envy of everyone we meet. She's sweet, obedient, and delightful thanks in large measure to Rich. Its hard to remember that when he first met her Tess was full of attitude and expected to run the show at our house. Not only has Rich made her into a lovely girl, he's trained us to reinforce all she learns from him. We are so happy with Tess that we are getting a standard poodle puppy next week. We are doing so only because we know that Rich will be training the new baby and helping Tess to acclimate to him and training us to deal with two puppies instead of one. We tell everyone we know with a dog about Rich. He's absolutely the best. Jeffrey and Robin Stern

Rich has an innate ability to "read" dogs. He understands the why's of their behavior and is then able to articulate that to us so that we can also understand. The wealth of information and training techniques that Rich has shared with us is invaluable! We highly recommend Rich!

Joan and Brian Reed
January, 2010

WE LOVE RICH!! During the first two weeks of daily visits with Leo, our newly adopted lab/bloodhound mix, Rich transformed a frightened, anxious and bewildered dog into an obedient and more confident pet. He did this in a calm, patient and most compassionate way, speaking to and handling Leo gently and giving him constant, but appropriate praise. Subsequent training sessions have not only reinforced what Leo has already learned but will prepare Leo (and us) to work on more advanced training techniques later on.

Rich has an innate ability to “read” dogs. He understands the why’s of their behavior and is then able to articulate that to us so that we can also understand. The wealth of information and training techniques that Rich has shared with us is invaluable! We highly recommend Rich!

Joan and Brian Reed
January, 2010

Rich trained my 2 dogs, my oldest dog is a goldendoodle. She is 3 1/2 with a great disposition. She is calm, sweet and very patient. These qualities in a dog are necessary for our house of four boys and a cat. We have so many kids coming in and out of our house that a good well mannered dog is what we must have. So we heard Rich was the guy to call. When our goldendoodle was younger she was not such a good listener, very stubborn and out of control. Rich worked with her for 4 weeks and corrected all her issues. I am proud to say she is such a great family dog, great disposition, very patient and a great listener. Rich gave us such confidence on how to handle any issues that we encountered. So, this inspired us to get another dog.

Our second dog is a shepadoodle. He started training with Rich at 15 weeks. He began training with stubborness and bad listening skills. He is now 5 months and is extremely agreeable and likes to please. I was skeptical about training at such an early age, but it really made a difference. The key to having a well behaved dog is to follow Richs directions and keep up the repitition of how and what he has taught. I now have 2 really great dogs and I owe thanks to Rich for guiding us. He really knows what he is doing and has a solution that WORKs for every problem and situation. When you want the best call Rich!!!!!!!!


Peggy Goldstein

Rich Ehrenberg trained my 2 Standard Poodles for a period of 2 months two years ago. At the time, my dogs, who were litter mates, were not at all obedient. Because they were litter mates, they paid more attention to each other than they did to me. A friend suggested I call Rich. Immediately, Rich showed me how to give proper commands and he taught me the importance of being consistent. Rich stressed how my family and I needed to be committed to the training. Within weeks, my dogs became incredibly obedient. They would sit, stay and come on demand, and they wouldn’t break until they were given the “free” command. Another problem I had with the dogs was walking them. They both weigh over 50 pounds and I was having a hard time controlling them. Rich taught me how to properly hold the leashes, which enabled to give effective corrections. My dog walks have become much more pleasant.

Rich knows dogs and knows how to train them and their owners.

It is with great pleasure that we recommend Rich as a dog trainer. Over the last 4 years, Rich trained our two Bernese Mountain Dogs. In addition to the training sessions, Rich always listened to our concerns concerning the puppy stages and was helpful in solving any issues we had. Whether it was an issue of house training or interacting with children, Rich worked with our dogs and our family to help us achieve out goals. We can’t imagine having another dog without Rich’s guidance and tutelage.

Amy and Craig Gerstein

Rich Ehrenberg has been the best possible resource for us with dog training. We engaged Rich to work with our 9-week old Bouvier, Maurice. What was best about Rich’s method is that he not only worked with our dog, he worked with the whole family. He encouraged us to learn and to practice, and the experience was worthwhile and memorable. Rich brings to the training process a wealth of knowledge and insight about canine behavior, health issues, personality and breeding. His training was customized to fit our dog, our family lifestyle, and our desire to have our dog be a true companion and part of the family. Rich helped us minimize common puppy issues like biting and nipping, and we rapidly progressed to commands, off-leash training, and establishing boundaries on our property.

Our experience with Elite Dog Training was enjoyable, valuable and worthwhile. Rich’s kind, and friendly demeanor, along with his firm and authoritative teaching style was the perfect combination. Without hesitation would I recommend him to anyone who wants to truly enjoy their dog as a obedient family member and companion.

Rich—I’ve attached some photos for you!

Down Stay No Leash Pose  Ajusted Tilted Head Pose

What Problems can Home Training Deal with?

Some of the most common problems that effective in home training can quickly resolve are aggression, digging, bolting, whining, pulling on the leash, and separation anxiety. You will also want to use in home training if you want to ensure that your dog exhibits superior behavior at all times. There are different techniques used to resolve each behavior problem, although there are some techniques that can be used for more than one of these problems. Home dog training is also widely recognized for its effectiveness in quickly eliminating your dog’s aggressive behavior towards people and even towards other animals. Further, it is also ideal for letting your dog understand which areas are off-limits and which actions are unacceptable (jumping up on visitors, begging at the table, etc.). Both the owner and the pet reach new levels of success with in house obedience training. It can also benefit your dog by reducing the amount of separation anxiety he feels whenever you leave him alone in the house for long periods of time.