Basic Includes:

  • On Leash training
  • Heel, Sit, Sit N’ Stay, Down
  • Down N’ Stay and Come*** All on Leash
  • Puppy biting – Jumping

  • Intermediate

  • Off Leash Training Part 1
  • Same as above – except puppy biting - Jumping
  • Door Bolting

  • Master

  • “Elite” Finished Training
  • Retrieval Training
  • Security Training
  • Service Dog Training (CGC Certification)
  • Behavior Modification
  • Drug Detection Training<

    “Elite” Dog Training School

    Our Training Method

    Amongst “Professional” dog trainers there are various opinions/methods of successfully training your pet. The most popular methods are “Treat Training” and “The Elite Method”. As a Professional Trainer with over 20 years of experience, I have only seen dogs maintain their level of” obedience” by use of “Repetition and Consistency ” Here is the simple difference: Food Training: This method of training may simply be referred to as “Bribery” Your pet Will only respond to commands with Food (treats) as incentive rewards.” Take the food away and your dog will simply not listen.” Repetition and Consistency: Dogs are pack animals, which want to please their owners, and people in general. A dog that is thoroughly trained is truly ”Elite” amongst others. The reason is because the” training process includes Consistent praise, monotone voice commands, and repetition”; which slowly becomes part of the dog’s “inbred behavior” As long as your dog feels that he or she is “pleasing” you, they will do anything in the world for you, including providing both you and your family unconditional love. “Elite” Trained Dogs: “Tails will Wag, and Owners will Brag”

    Why Train Your Dog?

    Training is an essential part of raising puppies to become well-mannered dogs. Training a puppy doesn’t mean you’ll have to stop playing, cuddling, or spoiling him. It only means that you’ll have to spend extra time and effort in making sure that the puppy understands what the acceptable behaviors are and that he/she should never cross the limits of these behaviors. Dogs naturally need strong leaders; you should therefore take on that role in your puppy’s life.

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