About Me

Welcome to Elite Dog Training. My name is Rich Ehrenberg and I have been working with dogs for over 25 years. In addition to my academic training, I spent seven years mentoring at a suburban Illinois Animal Hospital, as a veterinary technician. I learned the art of dog training by working under the guidance of top ranked trainers for 5 years. On behalf of “Elite” dog training I offer 3 levels of training: Basic Training, Intermediate and Master.

Initially, I provide basic obedience, which lays the foundation for intermediate training, such as off leash training. At the master level, a choice of protection training, handicapped assistance, or advanced obedience is provided. I am personally involved with each dog, at each level of their training. This is the reason I am constantly able to fulfill my mission: “Elite” training dogs are trained with kindness and love, creating a finished dog that is well mannered, and respectful to it’s owner. Of utmost importance, “Elite” trained dogs return the love they receive during the training process. My mission is then complete. Love and compassion which I extend to my trained dogs is returned to there owners. Their “Tails Wag and their Owners Brag”.

Benefits of Home Dog Training

The most successful method of eliminating everyday behavior problems is in your own home. After all , most every one of these problems first took place in the home. Therefore, the cure involves teaching your dog to behave appropriately in different situations when interacting with humans and with other dogs. Contrary to popular opinion in home dog training doesn’t have to be complicated, frustrating or boring for you or your dog. In fact, by following a step-by-step, in home training program your dog can be taught that training is fun, with the use of various playful activities.